Since colonial times. Cuba has enjoyed a reputation as one of the world’s foremost producers of rum. Some of the finest examples of Cubas’s preeminence in rum making were the rums produced by the Oliver Family throughout the 19th century.

After emigrating to Cuba in the late 18th century, Don Juanillo Oliver, the family’s patriarch, dedicated himself to the harvesting and processing of sugar cane and its derivatives. Soon the Oliver family expanded into rum production, and by the late 186os, the rones añejos produced by the Olivers were heralded as among the world’s best.

As a result of the 1959 revolution, many of the original members of the Oliver family left Cuba and their descendants settled throughout Europe and the Americas. In the late 198os, one of the new generation of Olivers was able to return to Cuba where his curiosity about the past led him to delve into the family’s history. While poring over the well guarded family archives and papers, he discovered the original formulas developed by the Olivers for the production of Cuban rum.

Encouraged by having rediscovered the familys roots, a new generation of Olivers committed themselves to bestowing upon the world the Cuban rum that had once made the Oliver name famous. Because it shares the same hot and humid climate and the same topographic and geological characteristics as Cuba, the Dominican Republic was chosen as the ideal location for the new plant. The design and installation of the plant was undertaken by a group of Cuban engineers who permanently emigrated to the Dominican Republic and who stayed on to help rum the plant after it had been completed.

The Oliver also hired a group of Cuban maestros Roneros who were living in exile in the Dominican Republic at the time. These Maestros Roneros Cubanos brought whit them decades of experience in the production of Cuban rum, and, as such, where the ideal artisans needed to help make the Oliver´s dream a reality.

By 1990, the dream had been realized and, after a hiatus of over a century, the authentic and exquisite line of Cuban rums produced by the Olivers of days past can now be enjoyed by rum connoisseurs all over the world.

The best rum in the world is made by Cubans in Santo Domingo.

Ron Cubaney

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