Bristol Classic Rum

Caroni 1996 Trinidad

Bottle Size 700ml
ABV 43%


Rum from the Caroni Distillery in Trinidad
The distillery is now closed
Distilled in 1996; bottled in 2011
Molasses based rum


Product Details

Distilled by Caroni in Trinidad in 1996 this rum was aged in used oak casks until 2011. It was then transferred into port casks for an additional two years, before being bottled in the United Kingdom.

Agitating the liquid creates a thick band around the glass with equally thick legs that descent slowly down the glass. As the ring evaporates is leaves thick pebbles around the side


Tasting Notes

"The aroma reveals smokey oak, dark chocolate with strawberry, dried orange peel, and black tea. The first sip of the rum enters with the charred oak tannins front and center. Sweet vanilla whispers around the edges while strawberry and cranberry forms the mid-line. The char forms the baseline where the dark chocolate and black tea notes from the aroma manifest. A nip of tar hits the tongue as the flavors culminates into a lightly acidic and dry finish

Caroni 1996 Trinidad 700ml 43% Abv