El Dorado 12 Year Rum

12 year Aged Rum

El Dorado // Guyana

Cask Type ex-whiskey

40% ABV



Product Details

While Guyana was once home to many distilleries making rums from local Demerara sugar, consolidation has brought all the country’s rum-making capacity under Demerara Distillers Limited DDL’s house brand, El Dorado, spans more than a dozen expressions ranging from white “well” rum to high-end, twenty-five-year aged rums. El Dorado 12 is the entry level of their Luxury Cask Aged lineup, and is a blend of rums from three different stills, all aged for at least twelve years.and



Tasting Notes:
Lush tropical fruit and spice nose. It has a round, mellow, full bodied palate with powerful fruit, tobacco, and orange peel; leather and toasty and oak flavours; hedonistic and well balanced; rich amber colour, with aromas of banana and vanilla; pure and subtle.Details:Hand-crafted in Guyana12+ year old rumAged in American oak barrels



2015 IWSC Trophy “World’s Best Rum” - International Wine & Spirit Awards, London

2014 Gold - International Wine & Spirits Competition, London

2013 Gold – Outstanding - International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2012

Silver – Outstanding - International Wine & Spirits Competition, London

2012 Gold – Mondiales Des Spiritueux, Canada

El Dorado 12 Year 700ml 40% Abv