Fine Barbados Rum 2004

Bristol Spirits

Country Bajan Rum

Distillery / Brand Foursquare

Bottler Bristol Spirits

Aged for 9 years

Aged in american oak ex bourbon casks

Distilled in 2004 Bottled in 2013

Molasses based rum

Size 700ml

Abv 43%



Product Details

A 2004 vintage from Barbados' Foursquare distillery, bottled by Bristol Classic Rum. Distilled through both pot and column stills, this single blended rum is fresh and soft - on the easier side of Foursquare'soutput.

Matured in once-used American oak ex-bourbon casks, they’ve made their presence felt through vanillas and spices.


Tasting Notes

Well-balanced notes of oak spice and intense sweetness from the spirit.

Fine Barbados Rum 2004 700ml 43% Abv