Bristol Classic Rum

Finest Caroni Trinidad 1998

15 Years Old

40% ABV



Product Details

“Quorhum 15 Anos Solera” the first thing that should jump out at you is the word “Solera.” This means that the casks are never fully emptied — rather a portion of the Rum from the previous batch is left in the cask and new spirit is added.

This means that the age statement — in this case fifteen years — is the youngest Rum in the bottle and there are undoubtedly some very old portions of Rum in there as well.

So even though this Rum is listed as a very respectable fifteen years old, it tastes even older than that.


Appearance / Colour
Clear, Golden
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Okay Dung, Condensed Milk, Caramel & Spice

Flavour / Taste / Palate
Rich and full with ripe banana, grilled peaches, and spice cake

Faint Smokiness And Lingering Buttery Dry Spice Oak.

Finest Caroni Trinidad 1998 15 Year 700ml 40% Abv