Iniquity Batch 21  Single Malt Whisky 500ml 46%


46% ABV

individual casks made contributions to batch 21.  American and French oak, port, sherry, red wine and even a little peat have their say.



Tasting Notes


Nose: Apricot fruit leather, roasted almonds, toffee, cherries, hints of mint, thyme and eucalyptus, fruity wood, stone fruit compote, hints of oak, pine and lime zest.


Palate: Fruity (slightly sour cherries, apricot jam and stewed nectarines), peanut and/or almond brittle, mint toffee, honey and fudge, sherry, leather.


Finish: fruity then drying, warm with some leather and wood bitters, minty with a hint of wood-smoke. Hints of dry oloroso with lingering tannins.


Comment: The house style and distillery character are obvious with smooth transitions and no surprises.  This is a gentle but rewarding dram perfectly suited to breakfast, either in your porridge or in a glass!

Iniquity Batch 21 Single Malt Whisky 500ml 46%