Jamaica Rum 2002

Bristol Spirits

Aged for 8 years

Aged in ex cognac

Distilled in 2002, Bottled in 2010

Molasses based rum

Size 700ml

Abv 43%


Product Details

Bristol Spirits, a U.K. independent rum bottler, purchases casks from rum distilleries and sells them unadulterated (except for a bit of dilution) and clearly labels their source.

The Vale Royale Wedderburn is from Jamaica’s Long Pond distillery.

This particular style of pot-still Jamaican rum has a high ester count, making for an especially intense flavor. Normally intended for blending with more neutral rums, the Vale Royal is targeted squarely at Jamaican funk aficionados.


Tasting Notes

Pale in colour having been matured in well used oak cognac casks. It has a high toned nose, leading to a concentrated and mouth filling palate. Fruit with only slight wood leads to a short but high powered finish. A really interesting example of this type of rum.


Jamaica Rum 2002 700ml 43% Abv