La Mauny V.S.O.P 700ml 40% Abv

La Mauny V.S.O.P.

The unique blend of La Mauny V.S.O.P. is made up of several old rums, of which the youngest is four years old, and of which the average age is six years.

ABV : 40% vol
Available in 700ml



This rum is characterized by an intense gold color.


The smooth, hearty, mellow taste is characterized by nuances of milk caramel, gingerbread, orange peel and ground black pepper.


The very heady aroma is predominantly fruity with touches of honey and floral undertones.


The long finish offers a delightful smoothness as the alcohol softly dissolves.

La Mauny V.S.O.P 700ml 40% Abv