Ord River Premium Rum

Gold Rum

Ord River // Western Australia, Australia

Cask Type American oak


·    Age – NAS

·    Abv 40%

·    Gold Rum


Product details

Aged in oak barrels that will go on to hold Hoochery's Raymond B Whisky, this rum is pot-distilled and made with local Ord River Valley wet-season rainwater.

As of the closure of the Kununurra Sugar Mill in 2009,


Spike had to look elsewhere for his needs.

Importing a cane crusher from Columbia, Hoochery Distillery now grows over 3 hectares of sugarcane on their farm, hand-cut and crushed to make all of their rum products.


Genuine and undisputable in all aspects of quality.

Oak matured, hand blended and married, reduced with monsoonal wet season rain water.

Born from a land where the tropical humidity and the cooling monsoons gently spur the ageing process.

Ord River Premium Rum 750ml 40% Abv