Old river Rum single barrel


Ord River // Western Australia, Australia

  • Varietal Rum
  • Size750mL
  • ABV : 64.9%
  • Age – NAS


Product Details


Ord River Rum Single Barrel is created in the old tradition of small vat fermentation and pot distilled. Produced from Ord Valley sugar cane - aged in small oak barrels and hand bottled in Western Australia.


Each barrel used to age Ord River Rum Single Barrel is unique and has a different past history which helps shape the flavour.


Characteristics affecting the wood used in the barrel such as the source of the oak, who the Cooper was that created the barrel and how it was used in its previous life in the wine trade; all in turn influence the flavour of their product.

During the production of Ord River Rum, their distillers select individual barrels which are showing extremely nice flavour and bouquet. They then bottle at barrel strength so as to preserve these amazing qualities.

Ord River Rum Single Barrel 750ml 64.9%Abv