Ron Colon -High Proof Rum 700ml 55% Abv

Ron Colon Salvadoreno Dark Aged Rum from the only distillery in El Salvador.

– Gold Medal Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition


  • ABV : 55%

  • BOTTLE : 700ml



    Ron Colon Salvadore is a collaborative project by a team of producers, distillers, flavour experts and marketers.
    A love for EL Salvador and it’s people drove the imagination of the Ron Colon crew.
    The rum begins its life from local sugar cane that is gathered and then run through a 100-year-old sugar cane mill to be turned into molasses. From molasses, it undergoes fermentation with proprietary yeasts for 36 hours before being distilled by a modern multi- column still.
    After distillation the rum is aged in white oak ex-bourbon barrels sitting alongside rums that The Licorera Cihuatán distillery has been producing since 2004.
    The rum aged in Licorera Cihuatán have around 8% angel share per year.

    The Master Distiller and blender is Gabriella Ayala.
    • 70 % 6-year-old column stilled Salvadoran rum pro-duced by Licorera Cihuatán distillery.
    • 15 % unaged pot stilled Jamaican rum produced by Worthy Park, Hampden and Monymusk distilleries.
    • 15 % 3-year-old Jamaican pot stilled rum produced by Worthy Park estate.

    Our Tasting Notes
    Overall a rich, complex and fruity rum with a long satisfying , luscious finish.Colour: Dark brown with glimpses of red.

    Red berries, stewed fruit and hints of coconut with a subtle floral note floating over the top.

    Sultanas and raisins, dark chocolate, vanilla and mixed peel.
    A pleasant sweet note reminiscent of Botrytis skirts the edges but doesn’t over-sweeten.Finish: Long, warming and sweet.
    Lots of fruit and oak, with wafts of chocolate.

    From the Creators
    The rums that we have chosen for our blend create an unusual flavor palate.
    The Salvadorian rum on its own brings a fruit-forward tropical nose with a light, dry finish.
    In addition to this we wanted an earthiness, with a fiery warm flavor, to create the perfect liquid.
    The small amount of Jamaican rum completed this flavour profile and created the perfect balance.

    On the nose, the aromas of tropical fruits are most apparent with fresh banana and sticky pineapple.
    Adding to this there is a deeper aroma of rich raisins and prunes.

    The palate brings the same tropical fruit notes, but with a developing toasted-warm, spicy caramel flavor.
    Balanced with creamy milk chocolate, roasted almond and dried chewy apricot notes.

Ron Colon -High Proof Rum 700ml 55% Abv