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Cane Island Nicaragua

This is a column still-produced, Singe Estate Rum that is 100% tropical aged – but with a twist…Although the distillery is listed as ‘Secret’ on the bottle, you can take it from us that the spirit is from Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua (CLN), located in the Nicaraguan capitol of Managua. If you’ve heard of that distillery before, it’s no wonder. They produce a little brand called ‘Flor de Cana‘ there as well – bet you have heard of that one! This rum won a Gold from Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition in June 2022.

Nose: Lightly funky tropical fruit salad, unburnt tobacco, vanilla and biscuit spices plus a nice orange zest as well with vanilla paste there too.

Palate: More of those tropical fruits – banana, pawpaw and even some lychee there, the tobacco notes continue on the palate as well, plus a nice vanilla note to round it all off.

Finish: A lovely, sweet and satisfying finish with chocolate and coffee note alongside more of that delicious fruitiness and a jaffa choc-orange makes itself known as it fades.


700 ml

Cane Island Nicaragua

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