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Dead Reckoning Rum - Mutiny     South Pacific 11 year
Aged for (11 in ex-Bourbon barrels the South Pacific and 6 months in Cream Apera barrels in Australia) and a single cask limited release. Bottled at 52% The South Pacific is known for its tropical warm climate and high humidity which ages spirits in what is called tropical maturation. The tropical ageing is a harsh mistress, however. During that time, a whopping 62% was lost to the Angels.It was then brought to Adelaide and transferred to a Cream Apera (Australian ‘sherry’ style fortified wine) barrel where it was finished for 6 months and here is where something very peculiar happened. After 6 months of finishing in Adelaide, the ABV actually increased , which means more water escaped the cask than alcohol did.So in some parts of Adelaide, it seems, is one of the very few locations in Australia where the ABV in the barrel increases over time as opposed to the tropics where the ABV decreases. This is said to be caused by humidity levels – high humidly = loss or evaporation of the alcohol molecule, low humidity = the water molecule evaporation leaving more of the alcohol molecules.Nose: WOW – first thing that hits is that unmistakable funk! Man that is pure banana, papaya and pineapple left to go off (just a bit) in the sun! Deliciously over-ripe fruit and some star anise there as well.Palate: It’s a deliciously thick and rich – almost syrupy – mouthfeel. An instant hit of raisins then some spice warms the mouth. Waves of tropical fruit alternate with rich spices – very reminiscent of Arnott’s Spicy Fruit Roll biscuits.Finish: With rolling spiced fruit, mild warmth and lolly-sweet fruit notes that you can chew on for minutes afterwards!

Dead Reckoning Rum - Mutiny South Pacific 11 year

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