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Dead Reckoning Rum  - The Sextant
‘The Sextant is a blend of 4 Caribbean rums from FourSquare (Barbados), Worthy Park (Jamaica), Angostura (of the ‘bitters’ fame) and Demerara (Guyana) all blended into the Dead Reckoning ‘The Sextant’ here in Australia

BOTTLE : 700mlREGION : Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, BarbadosCHILL FILTERED: No‘The Sextant’ Rum Release is a step back in maritime history, a masterful blend of fourofferings from Justin’s favourite distilleries. A well balanced mix of rums from arguably someof the finest distilleries in the world.It is well known the British royal navy’s daily rum ration or ‘Tot’ was a mainstay of life uponthe seas. Rum sourced for the now legendary tot was often procured from the chain ofBritish colonies around the world. Some of the rums selected for Dead Reckoning releaseshave been loved and recognised for 3 centuries and have fortified many a thirsty mariner.

‘The Sextant’ is 3 to 5 year old Column still rum from Trinidad (Angostura), a 3 year old Potstill rum from Jamaica (Worthy Park), a 2 to 5 year old pot and column still rum from Guyana(Diamond Distillers). To round out the palate Justin has selected a 3 year old pot and columnstill rum from Barbados (Foursquare).All the rums used in the Sextant are 100% tropically aged, then bottled & blended in Australia at 65% abv.

Dead Reckoning Rum - The Sextant

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