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HMS Antelope - plus 2 years Australian dry aged

The very popular original release of the Antelope was a instant sell out in jan 2022.. 150 litres was put back into a level 3 char makers mark bourbon cask for an additional 2 years of dry ageing here in South Australia.

This re release showcases the positive effects of what extra time in wood can do to an already amazing rum.

I felt a tribute to not only my grandpa but all those sailors that served in WW2 was needed in the rum world. Stories of my pops days at battle and his daily TOT were a mainstay in my child hood, whilst playing darts and snooker at the local RSL.

This rum blend came from the heart, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did creating it, To Sid !

700 ml , 55%abv

HMS Antelope - plus 2 years Australian dry aged

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