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Piotr Vodka 500ml

Tasting Notes

Piotr's Malt Vodka

Nose: The initial nose is gentle, subtle and intriguing, with floral notes drifting in and out of range. As the glass warms, notes of malt make themselves known.

Palate: The first impression is of malt, the stuff they added to milkshakes when I was a little tacker back in the dark ages. That impression builds to a crescendo of YO-YO biscuit flavour that builds and is really rather pleasant.

Finish: The YO-YO's just keep on rolling on by in one of the longest finishes I have ever encountered in a vodka. As the YO-YOs disappear in the distance the final impression is of a faint white pepper.


Age Statement - NAS

37.5% ABV

Piotr's Vodka is made from a mixture of traditional Cossack wheat spirit married with our own barley malt spirit that would otherwise be destined to become whisky.

Founding partner Vic Orlow produced this vodka as a salute to his late father, Piotr Mikhailovich Laptev in the style that Piotr used to enjoy in pre-war Russia. I think Piotr would have been very proud and pleased with the result.

Excellent straight out of the freezer, over ice or in a cocktail, especially in a Bloody Mary.

Piotr Vodka 500ml

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