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Privateer -Distiller’s Drawer #37 Queens Share Pale Rum “P5” 750ml  55.7%

Distiller's Drawer #37Pale Queen's ShareBarrel: P5Age: 3 years 1 monthMatured In: Used Rum Barrel - Outdoor Air Seasoned for 24 MonthsBottles Produced: 225Proof: 111.4Details:

Color: Pale Straw

Tasting Notes: Tobacco leaf, savory forest floor, marmalade orange, and dried apricot.

Barrel Notes: Barrel P5 is a special cask at Privateer - it was the 5th cask we filled. It has been loved and well used for almost as long as we’ve been barreling rum.Because the char on the barrel has been used a number of times over the last eight years, the rum this cask yielded has a beautiful sun ray hue to it. In the distillery, we call these pale casks 'Pale Queen' as they do not have excessive oak character; instead, the flavors highlighted are gained from maturity with subtle complexity from a measured amount of soft vanilla and toast from oak influence.

A house favorite, a Pale Queen barrel is a great way to experience the original spirit that went into the cask, and feel what the distiller was feeling the day they distilled it.

Privateer -Distiller’s Drawer #37 Queens Share Pale Rum “P5” 750ml 55.7%

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