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Aged Special 3 Years 700 ml 38 % alcohol
It is of straw color, golden iridescence, with a delicate presence of (classical) aromas. It is the rum preferred for a top combination with mojito and the daiquiri. Also it is appreciated and its value combined with (cola) or citrus fruits.  It has a good balance between fruity and dry. The (masters) rum makers prefer it to the old ones when they drink combinations (cola). There is not a better mojito than the one that is achieved by this yellow rum. It maintains the presence of the sugar and the oak, it is a frank and fragrant rum without mystifications. Magnificent in a multitude of combinations. ..
Aged Reserve 5 years 700 ml 38 % alcohol
With this rum begins the line of the reserve category. It is a rum made with liqueurs and spirits aged in American oak barrels. They have undergone a process of maturation of at least five years in such barrels, which were previously used in the aging of American bourbon and then upgraded and prepared to receive sugar cane distillates. This rum is gold with pale iridescence. Its aroma is honey, cane and Woody, very pleasant to smell, it is creamy and tasty, long in the mouth. A good option for drinking alone or with ice.  ..
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An XO rum from St Vincent, which is distilled from molasses in a modern 2 column still. Agen in Ex Kentucky Bourbon barrels for around a decade, it has won many gold medals including Worlds best Rum 2014.       ..
Cubaney Spiced Rum
Spiced rum - Solera blend aged up to 15 years, infused with vanilla, Cinnamon, anise, clove & black pepper. Winner silver medal Madrid Rum festival 2014 ..
Solera Reserve 8 Years 700 ml 38 % alcohol
This is a rum of big class. Aged for more than eight years in small oak casks and aged in wine vaults of high Caribbean temperatures, this is one the best commercial rums. It is fragrant, it has oak tones and of toasted – burned yet a very agreeable (pleasant) aroma. It is sweet and thick, it is rum of taste and character, it is long in the flavor, which allows it to be felt with a few short and sweet notes, it is very tasty as a whole. Dry, with a color old bronze, with a natural, very brilliant texture. It is an excellent rum to drink neat. It has complex aromas of wood and cane plantation that make it a world class rum. GOLD MEDAL WINNER, INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS AWARDS ..
Gran Reserve 12 year 700 ml 38 % alcohol
It is a great exponent of the super category in high-class rums. It comes from alcohols and spirits carefully aged and rigor for more than twelve years in American oak barrels. The result is a dark rum, sweet, balanced and full, with great taste and high alcohol content, very aromatic and thick. It is very elegant, silky, timely, rum with great balance and excellence achievement. It's definitely great connoisseurs rum. Great for the end of a dinner or to facilitate this conversation between old friends accustomed only to the best. ..
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Gran Reserve 15 year 700 ml 38 % alcohol
Great Cubaney reserve 15 years is a very caring, generous and balanced rum, great character, formed by 15 years of aging in the traditional formulation of the Cuban method of Solera aging. A complex bouquet from the oak timbers and the complexity of alcohols and spirits which are very mature, make this rum, the choice in the Caribbean island. For years it has been the jewel of the Cubaney House. It has the appearance of a great cognac or a very old brandy. Enjoy it preferably neat. ..
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SELECT 18 YEARS: 700 ml 38 % alcohol
This is the clearest of the series Gran Reserva (great reserve), with dark red hues and purple touches. This rum is well accomplished. It shows an elegant layer and an attractive bouquet where fruity fragrances, the oak present and the prominent characteristic of a long age process complement each other. It is a round rum with great balance and harmony.  It gets to be elegant and very delicate without being sweet. In the mouth it leaves a good and long taste. Drink it in a balloon glass for a fulfilling enjoyment of its aromas. ..
EXQUISITE 21 YEARS: 700 ml 38 % alcohol
It is modern cut rum, very aromatic and complex. This dark stock and red cherry rum stands out because of its true flavour of the oak cask. It is soft on the palate and very tasty. It is a well-structured rum with a stable body. Its character is distinctive and vigorous with all the properties of a long ageing one. It is extraordinary and ample rum. Many consider it the best in the world. Drink it in a balloon glass for a fulfilling enjoyment of its hues and aromas. International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal 91 points ..
Treasure 25 year  700 ml 38 % alcohol
  This is the great rum of Oliver & Oliver family, within the range of CUBANEY. Presents an attractive dark cherry colour with flashes of ruby. A "gran reserve" special, a treasure trove full of strength and fruity aromas with presence of vanilla, almonds and old oak, by strengthening a balanced bouquet, but very strong, which announces its excellence. This Rum is very sophisticated, silky, which achieves the perfect roundness in its flavour’s, both primary and persistent. ..
Centenario 30 year 700ml 41 % alcohol
Rich mahogany colour. Dense aromas and flavors of banana creme brulee, chocolate covered cherry, sandalwood incense, and toasted pistachio with a supple, oily fruity medium body and a long root beer, dried fruit, and polished wood accented finish. A nice fruity sweet, aged sipping rum. International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal 94 points ..